America for All

Our Issues

  1. We are also called to advocate for a just society.

    Our experience in this pandemic has heightened the urgency of our demands. COVID-19’s terrible toll – over 130000 American lives lost and counting – has laid bare our country’s foundation of structural inequities.

  2. We will not tolerate profiteering on human misery.

    We must have universal health care, a strong public health system and a real safety net to end homelessness and hunger.

    We must ensure that anyone who needs long term care can receive it in the location of their choosing, safely and with dignity, supported by caregivers who are treated fairly. It is the only way to honor the tens of thousands of nursing home residents and caregivers who lost their lives.

  3. We must attack structural racism at every level.

    We must dismantle every aspect of the structural racism that continues to impact Black and Brown communities in health care, policing, housing, jobs, education, the environment and electoral politics.